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Feed and give water to Felix, make him chase your mouse cursor, or have him play with his toys. The cat will leave paw prints on your screen, purr, meow, and do other regular cat things.

MyFelix is a lovely application developed by Purina for all those who love cats. Felix is your computer pet, a nice kitty living beyond your screen, sleeping, leaving paw prints on your screen, meowing and purring. You can play with it using its toys, you can make it chase your mouse, and you can also feed it or give it water to drink. And if you get tired of it or have anything else to do you can simply put it to sleep for as long as you want.

It is a very funny and adorable way to customize your computer, and it is almost as a real pet. You can start your computer in the morning and begin your day with a smile by playing a few minutes with Felix.

The advantage is that you can go on holidays or in vacation without the stress of finding someone to "babysit" your pet and when you come back Felix would greet you with the nicest smile and the cutest possible meow.

The application is easy to use, very entertaining and during its testing no errors occurred. It is free of charge and guarantees a bunch of smiles each day.

Jessie Hodgson
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